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OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, OCTOBER 10th, 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

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Jennifer Hope, Gayla Lemke & Dania PettusWatch This Space


Three individual artists' work is connected by the group's continuing imposed constraints of time, color and space. Jennifer Hope, Gayla Lemke and Dania Pettus in Watch This Space at Edge Gallery.

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Susan Smolinskiincluded - it is: New Paintings



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Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design


Graydation is an exhibit displaying the artworks from eight artists: Alexis Acebey,
Ashley Ahlene, Joseph Brown, Arlexis Gallegos, Bonnie Geuder, Brooke Glandt,
Alison Reid and Rashelle Stetman. The exhibit will display 2D and 3D work
featuring, sculpture, photography, illustration, graphic design & installation.
Together they combine the non-conforming manner of the gray area and the
successive changes of gradation. For the majority of the artists, narrative plays a
major role in the artworks produced. For this exhibit, personal meanings and
political beliefs are displayed which could be either aesthetically pleasing or
visually uncomfortable.

Call for New Members

Calling all artists! If you are looking for a vibrant, committed, and exciting community of artists, now is the time. EDGE has openings, and will be interviewing potential members at our next meeting. Please see our Membership Page or contact ten.tsacmoc|pcitenej#sutteP refinneJ for more info and to schedule your interview.

Gallery Rental

Edge Gallery is now opening up its back space for show rentals. The space is approximately 13’ x 20’ with 10’ ceilings and is suitable for hanging work on the walls, sculpture, and installations. Individual and group shows are welcome. The price is $350 for a 3-week show (4 weekends). Stop in to check out the space or contact: moc.nsm|xcamoj#dlanodcaM naoJ

Coming Soon: November 7th through November 30th, 2014

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Charles LaFond & Joan Macdonald

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Jane Davis

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Larry Clark