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OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, August 15th, 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Main Gallery

Phil RaderImprovisations


I created my series, Improvisations, using an experimental process similar to that of the improvisational jazz musician - the dichotomy of spontaneity conforming to rules which results in compositional integrity and emotional intensity. The interrelations of the elements involved in this process ensures each composition created will be fresh and unique. I enjoy the exploration and discovery this process provides and hope you enjoy the result.

Bennett OnsagerReConnection


Bennett makes surrealistic sculpture based on the human figure and the digital era we live in. The concepts that belong to “other” are removed, allowing the viewer to own the work as part of themselves. He works in hand built stoneware clay, and uses the oxidation firing process to finish his work. No paint is used; instead he relies on ceramic chemistry to give his work a certain technical achievement.

Associate Gallery

Laurel FultonDelusions of Memory


A series of metal objects and images that reflect on the fallible nature of memory.


Call for New Members

Calling all artists! If you are looking for a vibrant, committed, and exciting community of artists, now is the time. EDGE has openings, and will be interviewing potential members at our next meeting. Please see our Membership Page or contact ten.tsacmoc|pcitenej#sutteP refinneJ for more info and to schedule your interview.

Gallery Rental

Edge Gallery is now opening up its back space for show rentals. The space is approximately 13’ x 20’ with 10’ ceilings and is suitable for hanging work on the walls, sculpture, and installations. Individual and group shows are welcome. The price is $350 for a 3-week show (4 weekends). Stop in to check out the space or contact: moc.nsm|xcamoj#dlanodcaM naoJ

Coming Soon: September 12th through October 5th, 2014

Main Galleries

Faith Williams, Jennifer Hope, Gayla Lemke & Dania Pettus

Associate Gallery

Sarah Clark

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